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Play Fantasy Football

You’ve probably heard of fantasy football, but you might not know how to play it or why you would want to. Here’s everything you need to know to get started with this addictive and fun pastime. Fantasy football allows you to take on the role of general manager, drafting and managing your own fantasy football team on your own time throughout the course of an entire season! It’s a great way to enjoy watching football even if your favorite team isn’t doing so well in real life, as you can root for your fantasy players instead!

So, what is fantasy football?

So, what is fantasy football?

Fantasy football is a game where users draft a team of real-life players and then score points based on how those players do in their games that week. You get fantasy points for touchdowns, yards and all the typical stats you see on Sunday, but also for things like first downs, receptions and rushing yards, too. There are many different versions of the game (epl fantasy being one of them), with some putting more emphasis on scoring touchdowns or using your draft picks from a snake draft or auction style format rather than just straight head-to-head matchups. No matter what type of game you play, it's about drafting the best possible roster to put yourself in position to win prizes at season's end.

Getting started

So, what is fantasy football?

Everyone can play a game of football. People who play fantasy football set up imaginary teams and fill their lineup with players from various professional football leagues (NFL, CFL, or even the new EPL fantasy). They then compete against other members by using the individual player statistics gathered by real game play. As in most sports, each team earns points for yardage gained and touchdown scored in both passing and running plays. At the end of each week, an updated standings list is generated with the winner determined by who has tallied more yards for passing touchdowns, passing yards for rushing touchdowns, total points for field goals made.

Choosing a league/site

So, what is fantasy football?

For those unfamiliar with the game, fantasy football is a competition where participants draft players from an NFL team and compete against other teams in their league. You score points based on how your team performs each week. You can also win money for being picked for the epl fantasy. At this point in time, most people know what fantasy football is, but here are some things you should know before choosing a league or site to play on

Setting your line-up

So, what is fantasy football?

It is time for you to set your line-up and manage your team in the quest for fantasy football glory. First, find out who is on your roster by opening the My Lineups section of My League. Your top choices should be those players who you think will have a high number of points at the end of the game. For instance, if your chosen quarterback only has four points, but a rival quarterback has forty-seven points, then it may be smarter for you to take him off your team and replace him with a better option on an opposing team. Just keep in mind that this will also weaken their point total as well!

Weekly Tiers

So, what is fantasy football?

Each week, owners draft a new team and compete with others based on their actual stats. 

In general, the higher you draft a player, the more points they are worth. Every point counts in your fantasy game so make sure you take into account matchups when making your picks each week. For example, Aaron Rodgers is ranked much higher than Deshaun Watson because he has a much better matchup against an average Cowboys defense as opposed to playing the Jaguars at home this weekend who have one of the best defenses in football. 

Another key component of winning any league is having bench players that are able to start for your team when certain players on your roster face injuries or have bye weeks.

In-Game Lineups & Trades

So, what is fantasy football?

Every week, a new set of games is played and the players are randomly chosen. The following week the same thing will happen again. This means that two or more NFL games are being played simultaneously and their scores affect your team. Say you drafted Aaron Rodgers and you saw him play on Sunday, then on Monday he was injured in a game he wasn't even playing in.

Be active on your league message board

So, what is fantasy football?

You can find league information on the website you set up. Most have rosters, statistics, and league news. In order to join, go to your league homepage. Look for the 'Join a League' button in the top right corner of the screen. Here you will find all the information about your league including settings, teams, and current standings. From here you can join or view more details about your league.

To play a game online draft click 'Online Draft'. This option is not available for most leagues but some do offer this feature so check with your Commissioner (the person who organized the fantasy football league) before proceeding as if you do not follow this rule it will be considered cheating!

Customizing Your League Rules

So, what is fantasy football?

Choosing a league format will largely depend on the level of commitment your league has for managing their team each week. Generally, more restrictive formats will allow for teams with more free time. The most popular formats are commissioner, computer drafting and live draft. Commissioner formats require managers be in charge of scoring and distribution of player stats each week. This can be very time consuming if the league is large or there are significant time restraints with the manager. Computer drafting is similar to a regular draft except that each team's roster is automatically populated by an offline computer process before the draft begins so players won't be drafted twice and good players remain available throughout the entire round of selections.

Signing Up For Multiple Leagues

So, what is fantasy football?

Fantasy football is when you put together a team of NFL players and compete against other teams in your league. The scoring is determined by the stats from the player's real life performance. You need to do research on players before starting a league, but once you know what you're doing it can be really fun! Plus, the excitement of following week-to-week as NFL seasons play out can make for a great reason to stay up late on Sunday nights. When deciding how many leagues and teams you want to enter, I would start with one or two and see how it goes. Drafting for more than three teams at once is difficult unless you have access to help with researching statistics and following player news on Sundays during each game.

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