How One Becomes a Personal Assistant?

Personal Assistant

Nowadays, personal assistants can be considered as 24/7 girls or guys because they are on call no matter what time or day. They have to take care of all the things that concern their bosses such as scheduling of meetings, business negotiations, bookings and reservations for flights or for restaurants, sorting of mails, and all the works that concern the office.

Often times, personal assistants also take care of the menial tasks such as meal orders, office interiors, laundry issues, and other fetishes of their employers. And at times, they are the errand boys and girls who takes care of appointments and represents the boss in meetings and other functions or events.

Becoming a personal assistant

Becomes a Personal Assistant

If you were thinking of becoming a personal assistant, the first relief would be no specific educational background and course training matter. This is because the major requirement would be the skills of the person to remain calm during pressure and stress. If one can handle pressure and stress with ease, then, he or she can be a candidate to become a personal assistant.

Other main consideration would be being in the right place and in the right time. If you are working in a corporate world and if you have a clean track record or if you have secretarial experience, then you are the foremost candidate for the position. People who usually work near the boss or the line of work usually deals with the employer are among the options once the boss decides to hire a personal assistant.

Becomes a Personal Assistant

Aside from working near the boss, people who have friends that know high-ranking executives may also get the position through recommendation. This can be very helpful especially if the future employer trusts the backer. But in this case, the candidate for personal assistant should be very careful because once he or she commits something unpleasant, the trust in him or her is not the only thing at stake but also in the person who gave the recommendation.

Although becoming a persona assistant does not really require outstanding academic background, having a clean track record and reliable credentials can help a lot. People who are interested to become personal assistants should bear in mind the major qualities and technical skills needed for the position including the:

Becomes a Personal Assistant

- strong work ethic because the job requires all the patience and perseverance any person could have;

- self-discipline because the position entails a lot of responsibility;

- ability to do multi-tasking because this is needed for the busy and hectic schedule of the boss;

- people skills because forming a good rapport earns the trust of the executive or the boss;

- ability to stay calm despite pressure because it will make the person think straight;

- computer skills for handling technical matters such as electronic correspondence, research, etc.

- telephone etiquette because good manners is a must in communicating through phones;

- superb style in communication because he or she represents the boss at times;

- keen problem-solving skills to rule out everything that the boss needs;

- excellent time management skills to make sure that the boss in not lagging anything behind; and last but not the least, a personal assistant must have outstanding organizational skills to ensure that everything and in place when the boss inquires about it.

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