Health benefits of White Tea

Grown and harvested in China, white tea is considered an excellent source of antioxidants and other nutrients packed with countless health benefits and is known in Chinese history to treat a variety of skin problems like chicken pox and measles.

White tea is tea made from immature tea leaves that are picked shortly before the buds have fully opened, pale yellow in color with a sweet, silky flavor that doesn’t have the grassy taste like green tea. The tea takes its name from the silver fuzz that covers the buds which turns white when the tea is dried.

Known to be one of the healthiest type of tea, it is the least processed with the highest anti-oxidant levels, anti-oxidant are nutrients that protects the body from damage by free radicals. The tea contains polyphenols and phytonutrients that is responsible for the tea’s benefits.

White tea can be found in beverages and cosmetics around the world. The tea is becoming so popular that people have been praising it for its delicious taste and the numerous health benefits when consumed.

A study conducted by researchers in 2004 at Pace University concluded that white tea helps your body’s immune system fight off viruses and dangerous infections and it also helps in the prevention of dental plaque which causes tooth decay.

White tea is also known to protect the body from various types of cancers such as colon, prostate and stomach, it lowers blood pressure, cholesterol, and protects the heart because of its high containment of catechins, a group of polyphenol anti-oxidant found in the tea, it also helps you to have stronger bones, healthy skin, teeth and gums.

The consumption of white tea aids in the reduction of blood sugar, stress, prevents diabetes and weight-loss. Although researchers do not know the exact effectiveness on losing weight with the tea, various studies have shown that it may increase metabolism and encourage the body to burn fat but you might get better results with a proper diet and exercise plan as with any other dietary supplement.

Known for generations in China, white tea is fast becoming a new addition to supermarkets and markets worldwide. To achieve the various health benefits from this extra-ordinary tea, studies have shown that consuming 2-4 cups  daily will give you a healthier you

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