10 Things To Consider Before Using Social Media

Social Media

1 The Problem With Social Media: Is It Safe?

The Problem With Social Media: Is It Safe

Social networking sites have been a boon for many people. They can be used to share your opinions on any issue, and even post about topics that you are passionate about. But what about this other kind of communication, the kind which may not be as personal or informative as posts? In recent years, we’ve become dependent on social media to communicate with each other. And sadly, it is becoming more and more common to be left out in those interactions as well. Over time, there has been evidence of some major scandals. For instance, in 2015, Facebook admitted several user-generated content posts were “inauthentic or misleading” and thus they had to take action.

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2 How Much You Really Need Social Media

How Much You Really Need Social Media

What it means when someone says that you need to be on Instagram instead of Twitter.

In reality, there’s a lot more that you should really consider before making this big switch of using different social networks. There aren’t really any hard numbers to show you how much you will actually miss other social platforms if you decide to switch over fully to a new network.

3 When You Can Stop Feeling Like You Have A Bad Attitude Towards People Around You

When You Can Stop Feeling Like You Have A Bad Attitude Towards People Around You

You know what I mean: you feel like you don’t like them or they aren’t good enough for you. So you start posting stupid things on social media, and maybe something or another bad thing happens and you delete a comment, or worse, delete all comments altogether. This kind of scenario often occurs to me. As long as you don’t have to deal with toxic friends or family members to get through life, then why not try and make some real friends with people who treat others well? Try and find people who are just like you—kind and honest. If you don’t choose them immediately, once they meet, try and stay around them at least until you reach the end of their day and then you can go live your own online world.

4 Use Something That Others Are Doing Differently

Use Something That Others Are Doing Differently

It’s easy to judge how successful someone else is by their way they present themselves. Or better yet, by what they say and do. We all want to be like everyone else, right? Well, it turns out there are thousands of ways to go wrong on the internet. On Google search bars, on Tumblr, on Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, YouTube, TikTok, among many other social sites. Being able to understand how others approach things and try to improve our lives could be a great tool in improving ourselves. Plus, learning from others shows us where to focus our efforts, how to learn from mistakes and help us stay focused and productive.

5 Read Other Books

Read Other Books

There’s nothing against reading books. However, there is also a huge difference in learning what the authors wanted and doing it yourself. Reading books gives us a deeper understanding of life and the world. Even though these days most people still prefer to read rather than watch movies, it does give us an opportunity to see things from a slightly different perspective. Of course, it might also change the story, but it can be very helpful. Also, with the boom in eBooks, getting access to one for free can make the process easier for many of us by giving us some motivation to keep going.

6 Know Your Worth

Know Your Worth

Social Media sites have really made a name for themselves in modern technology. One problem they have caused is having lost meaning in certain situations. We tend to believe that nobody cares about what we say. After all, social media just means talking about anything that pops up. People like to think it’s only important for business and money, but the truth is it brings to light many issues that we might otherwise not have known about, and it can open our eyes to things we didn’t recognize as being true. Also, the fact that many people don’t realize just how valuable each other truly are. And it’s not only important to know your worth, but to understand the value of someone else too. Everyone values being respected and being wanted. Not sure what your worth is? Just try to spend a little extra time looking at people and see what makes them happy and confident, and work out what you can’t bring into the conversation because of your lack of self-worth.

7 Be Unapologetic About What You Want From Life

Be Unapologetic About What You Want From Life

Social Media allows us to express ourselves completely freely, without any limitations to who and what we are. Maybe to post that picture of yourself and send it to your old friend, maybe to tell him that he’s not pretty enough or maybe to tell someone your opinion of their looks. Whatever the reason, you should never feel ashamed of what you want to say or what your thoughts are on people. No matter the situation, it can always be said and done and you will never come across anyone who is trying to hold back from what they want, so do what you want.

8 Set Up An Account Without Making Mistakes

Set Up An Account Without Making Mistakes

Having an account and then checking it off every night before bed has got to stop. You would be shocked how many people haven’t made any mistakes with their accounts! Almost all social media platforms (even Instagram) require some form of verification of their identities. By signing up for them without actually being on them, you lose a lot of features like sharing pictures or videos without asking permission from your followers. Also, you are simply restricting yourself to what is available on them—which means that your mind is limiting itself, making you a slave to whatever platform it is being stored on.

9 Don’t Waste Time Posting Too Many Pictures

Don’t Waste Time Posting Too Many Pictures

For some of us, the temptation to constantly post photos like a normal person is quite significant. And that is no fun. Some people don’t even realize that they need to stop, if only for a moment of clarity. In fact, you can even notice a general gap in their faces when they are putting their phone down for a few seconds. Sometimes we just can’t resist the urge to share everything because we want to share our experiences with other users. We are not conscious at the time why our brain keeps pushing the button, it’s our brains, after all. Our attention span just isn’t capable of processing information in such volumes and quickly enough to keep up with the fast-changing social media landscape. Instead of constantly trying to maintain momentum, just stop scrolling.

10 Let Go Of Expectations

Let Go Of Expectations

Social media isn’t supposed to fill your life with meaningless posts. It isn’t supposed to help you grow. Social media is supposed to inspire all kinds of creativity and innovation. So don’t expect people to respond to your message or reply to your post. Only act when someone is actually genuinely interested in what you have to say. Don’t hold onto expectations and hopes. Always keep in mind that the best way to motivate yourself is to just put them aside and let them fade away with the tide of everyday life. Then you can live your dreams.

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